About Buy GnB:

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Granules n Beans is a high-end beverage company that provides a wide range of ready-to-drink options. They concentrate on the ever-changing needs of consumers and their demands in order to create the best offerings to satisfy their needs. Their ability to add value to their ever-growing customer base has earned them a reputable reputation in the Indian and international instant beverage markets.


Everybody enjoys drinking beverages. However, given the level of competition, brand recognition is important, as is ensuring that new users drive traffic to the website. Regardless of having a well-developed website, it was a challenge to reach consumers both domestically and internationally.


Our team at Techinfinity thoroughly investigated and analysed the ‘Buygnb’ website. After conducting the study, we discovered that there were several loopholes that needed to be filled and addressed. We devised a strategy that prioritised improving SEO tactics and establishing a stronger social media presence. We explored deeper and discovered a large number of 'processing' and 'cancelled' orders regarding which we had a conversation with the team and provided them with feedback, such as updating the users on a regular basis, following up with them, and so on.
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12000 - Users
21000 - Sessions


As the old adage goes, if you execute the right tactics in the right way, you'll get the right results. saw exponential growth. We had over 12000 users and over 21000 sessions on the web in less than three months. And the most exciting aspect is that we didn't only reach out to customers in India, but all over the world! We attracted about 2 million eyeballs while driving sales worth INR 95000/- with a mere INR 57000/- investment.The organisation seems to be pleased with our efforts, and we pledge to work even harder and deliver better results as time goes on.

From The Client

We hired GFX to work on our social media advertising campaigns. Within a period of 6 months our ads reached our targeted range of users, and generated a huge number of clicks. We are happy with the exceptional return on investments this partnership has brought about. The entire team is very responsive, with a contemporary approach towards reaching goals and meeting set targets. We have solidified our audience base while also reaching out to a larger audience. We would highly recommend GFX to businesses looking for cutting-edge SEO and digital marketing solutions.
Aryan Jha
Sandip University