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Mumbai Live is a hyper-local news channel based in Mumbai, India. The idea for Mumbai Live arose from a desire to provide people with the most up-to-date news and information. They acknowledged the need for a forum that would enable people to express their opinions, answer their concerns, and get them closer digitally due to Mumbai's diverse culture and growing population. They're a smartphone app and website that strives to keep citizens informed of what's going on in their own neighborhoods.


Since Mumbai is one of India's most populous cities, the Mumbai Live team's main concern was to attract and serve such a large population. Previously, the company focused on creating multilingual material, which didn't yield many results. Despite the fact that the company's content was excellent, the company's website ranked poorly in terms of SEO and had relatively less traffic. Generating revenue with such low traffic was indeed an obstacle for Mumbai live.


Understanding the root cause of the above concerns was our primary goal as a marketing firm. We constructed a road map for the company after reviewing and analysing the website which would aid in growing the website's visibility. The main emphasis was on improving the company's SEO strategy and implementing a mixed method approach that included long-tail keywords in particular. Aside from that, topics such as multilingualism, technology upgrades, and UI suggestions were also discussed and recommendations were made accordingly. During the early stages of the global pandemic, we concentrated on providing coronavirus-related updates from even the most remote parts of Mumbai, such as Virar, Boishar, etc as well as ensuring that the material on the website used the right/trending keywords. We insisted on implementing push alerts, email marketing, telegram, and other similar tools, which proved to be extremely beneficial.
Case study mumbai live
2.1 - Million yearly visitors
24 - Million user in 3 months


We are pleased to report that the website has yielded excellent results. The company had around 2.1 million yearly visitors at the start of our analysis, and within almost 3 months, the traffic has quadrupled to 24 Million users. Within a few months, Mumbai Live has established itself as one of the city's leading news websites along with a strong social media presence. We can certainly say that our client is pleased by the outcome and we continue to strive for better results with each passing day.

From The Client

Ronak, Hemant and team have been a critical part of Mumbai Live’s growth. Their understanding of SEO has guided out team to better writing for the web. Most importantly, they are available 24x7 for any and all our requirements. We have been able to build a solid partnership over the years that has benefited us as a brand and business.
Nishant Sabnis
Mumbai live