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About MyTaxAdvisor:

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MyTaxAdvisor is a team of professionals who work on an extensive range of businesses. The key objective of MyTaxAdvisor is to impart a quality experience to the clients and help them get their requirements meet in a proficient manner. Equipped with a bunch of dynamic, experienced individuals, they allow clients to avail a variety of accounting services online.

With a bunch of services ranging from GST registration to starting a company, MyTaxAdvisor is the go-to place for you to embark on a journey to explore sustainable financial solutions!

The Problems:

Despite being a convenient platform for all types accounting and financial services, lack of social media presence was a major problem. Less social media presence meant less targeted reach towards audience, which in turn generated fewer leads. Content was a tad bit generic and less engaging. Even after launching a lot of fascinating packages and campaigns, the conversion rate was a bit sparse due to lack of a well programmed social media strategy.

Coupled with that, an overall reach towards their clients was insufficient due to inadequate marketing options.
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The Solutions:

We, at Techinfinity helped facilitate an enormous transformation in social media presence and providing numerous clients for MyTaxAdvisor. We started by analysing the company and their value system. Post thorough analysis, a content calendar curated to depict the company’s objectives was created. In adherence to the content calendar, graphics were designed to make the content more engaging. This helped immensely in generating leads organically just through consistent social media posting and updates, which in turn enhanced their social media existence. In addition to that, Techinfinity formulated well devised paid ad services that focused on targeting the type of audience which are looking for companies like MyTaxAdvisor.

Apart from boosting their existence on social media, techinfinity enabled database marketing and Whatsapp marketing to generate more leads, especially for their “Free GST registration campaign”. This resulted in an overall advancement in social media presence for MyTaxAdvisor.
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Social media presence for MyTaxAdvisor increased exponentially. It helped them produce an enormous amounts of leads. Around 15-20 potential clients were associated with MyTaxAdvisor, all thanks to Techinfinity’s social media marketing strategies. WhatsApp and database marketing provided an additional value in increasing their pool for potential clients.

On an overall basis, the organisation was extremely delighted with the outcomes provided by Techinfinity, and we assure to keep providing such captivating experiences in the mere future!

From The Client

We hired GFX to work on our social media advertising campaigns. Within a period of 6 months our ads reached our targeted range of users, and generated a huge number of clicks. We are happy with the exceptional return on investments this partnership has brought about. The entire team is very responsive, with a contemporary approach towards reaching goals and meeting set targets. We have solidified our audience base while also reaching out to a larger audience. We would highly recommend GFX to businesses looking for cutting-edge SEO and digital marketing solutions.
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