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Guaranteeing assurance that takes away every risk from you.

Dear E-comm owner,
Getting sales has been really tough, right?

Also, is your marketing approach failing and you’re sick of spending a fortune on Facebook ads?

You’ve worked with a lot of marketing agencies that guaranteed you a 3x ROI, only to watch your sales decline?
We won’t permit this to occur!

We are a marketing firm focused on growth that scales qualified eCommerce businesses swiftly to reach their full potential. As your well-wisher, we understand the difficulties you faced when trying to launch.

We know every detail of what eCommerce firms need to do to convert new clients because we have invested our own pocket in advertising (and costly blunders).

Because of this, we’re here to offer your business an increase with performance marketing.


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Our Strategy

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Step 1: Extensive research

We thoroughly examine every facet of your product to determine its distinctive value proposition. Since no two people are alike, various groups of people occasionally have different reasons for purchasing comparable goods. We are completely aware of who your target market is, what drives them, and why they would go for their wallets to purchase your goods. Nowadays, the sheer amount of noise on social media makes it impossible to simply plaster basic advertising that push your product without any appeal.

Step 2: Study Demographics

To focus your ad with absolute precision, we conduct research on your target demographics, the locations of your clients, who they are, and all other pertinent information.Then, we create advertising that speak directly to your ideal customer's circumstance and make them smile (instead of unfavourable feedback, we hear statements like "Are you guys reading my mind?" or "I feel like you're in my house right now!" on our client commercials). This characteristic of advertising distinguishes us from conventional "agencies" and enables us to produce for our clients multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars each month after ad expense.

Step 3: Converting your brand assets into ad creatives that are conversion- optimised

With the amount of advertising on social media increasing and people's attention spans shortening, you need more than simply product photos and videos to catch their interest. Our skilled staff transforms your undeveloped brand assets—such as product photographs, videos, user-generated content, etc.—into highly effective creatives that instantly reach customers' wallets. To maximise every dollar spent, we optimise every advertisement for the feed and stories on Facebook and Instagram. Your revenue will increase as you blast your breath-taking adverts across both social networks!

Why Trust Us

Exceptional service to clients

We are aware that information moves quite quickly in this rapidly changing environment. Our assistance team is here to assist you with any questions you may have as a result.
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Information-based judgements

Every content decision we make is supported by the most recent data in your sector. We're always looking for innovative ways to use our sophisticated data analytics capabilities to capture the interest of your audience.

Long-term connections

Each client has specific issues, as we are aware. To support your success, we establish a long-term cooperation. To make sure you comprehend our procedures from beginning to end, we also provide consulting following the creation of high-converting ads.
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We put results first at all times. We give you access to the most up-to-date techniques we employ to optimise your content and creatives so that customers won't have a choice but to make a purchase from you. You will receive a full refund if we don't provide successful outcomes. And everything we've done for you up to that point is yours to keep!


We have continuously produced results for our customers, and we 100% guarantee that we will do the same for you. However, if we don’t fulfil our promise to you and repay your initial payment in full, we will do so*.

Yes! We’re proud to provide some of the most outstanding case studies in the business. From these case studies, we developed an automated technique that has consistently produced positive results. We are aware of this since we regularly apply these tactics and obtain outcomes that are unmatched elsewhere.  We will offer you other case studies too.

We don’t collaborate with any companies. We only partner with companies that demonstrate strong product-market fit, proof of concept, creative prowess, excellent customer service, and excellent user experience, among other things. This demonstrates that you have sound business principles, which are the most important elements of scaling with paid advertisements.

Our technology has repeatedly generated positive ROI for businesses of all sizes using low-cost and high-cost products in many industries. The best method to determine whether you are a suitable fit, however, is to simply schedule a free consultation with us. During this session, we’ll examine your bottlenecks and let you know whether we can actually add value.

That’s the same question we frequently receive from eCommerce company owners who have worked with firms that haven’t previously produced any results. We at Techinfinity are the most results-driven agency you can discover as a result of this. We don’t consider our job with you to be complete until your revenue has increased and you are entirely satisfied. We’ll issue you a 100% refund and repay your initial ad spend if we don’t deliver our commitment to you. The assurance here is unbeatable!

Yes, we take care of everything, from maintaining and running your ads to producing top-notch content. We narrowly target the eyes of YOUR ideal customer and no one else with our material.

With each of our new clients, we go through a thorough onboarding procedure. Insights on their product, USPs, target market, raw data assets (pictures & videos), business operations, and more are all gathered by us. In order to generate highly relevant ads that convert, we pretty much gather all the information we can about a company.

Yes, we do offer creative guidance to our clients at every stage of the process. We won’t keep you in the dark about the kinds of creatives you can use to produce outcomes. To improve your visuals and create content that converts, we optimise your creatives based on all the data we gather.

Yes, we make sure that every client is completely happy with our work. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll adjust our content to meet your demands. Keep in mind that top-notch creatives will bring in thousands of dollars in extra revenue.

₹2,51,567 earned with a 11.5 ROAS over a span of 7 days

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Backstory On This Client:

Currently we are working for performance ads for a brand by one of the A- listed celebrities.

Before starting our campaign we understood that their Instagram page and sales funnel were not systematic and therefore we curated a plan to build their page post which the page received good number of followers and engagement rate increased. Not only this, to optimise their sales and get generate revenue, we started building their TOP funnel and started with website traffic. Within few months we could see their overall sales increasing by 15 to 25 lakhs. Before connecting with us, their monthly sales was 40 lakhs which has now increased from 55 to 65 lakhs.

We experimented with conversion campaigns by running product/catalog ads where we spent Rs.21,800/- and generated the revenue of Rs.2,51,000/- with the ROAS of 11.51.

₹2,41,07,791 earned with a 9.73 ROAS over a span of 10 months

Orra sss

Backstory On This Client:

The brand is a top player in the jewellery industry. We transformed our work with them from a single project in June 2022 to a full- time retainer client in performance marketing. We worked with them for their Father’s Day campaign in June 2022. As an outcome, we helped them achieve a ROAS of 14. 

When it came to auditing and analysing, we realised that they had a huge Instagram following of 135K followers which was completely untapped. As a result, we successfully put all our strategies to work and generated high results. Currently, we handle their annual performance marketing budget which goes in Crores. 

We spent ₹24,77,130 and generated sales of ₹2,41,07791 ROAS of 9.73 over a span of 10 months

₹24,28,959 earned with a 7.16 ROAS over a span of 1 month

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Backstory On This Client:

Recently, we were reached out to by one of the most followed dermatologist on Instagram. Initially, we figured out that although they were getting sales, they were limited to a particular number. After studying the dashboard, we got to know that there was a lack in targeting quality audience and usage of a proper strategy. Hence, we created a plan to reach out to the interested audience and increase the top Funnel by starting traffic ads.

Not only this, but we also used the method of slicing and stacking audiences method and created different ads for different stages i.e. TOF, MOF, BOF and finally achieving the desired conversions where we had spent around Rs.42,687/- and generated the revenue of Rs.24,28,959/-, obtaining a ROAS of 56.90.

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Remember: You only pay if we deliver profitable results hence eliminating downside. This is something no other agency can offer because they cannot deliver profitable results at scale.

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