Fruta Fresca

About Fruta Fresca:


Fruta Fresca is a story of two young entrepreneurs who revolutionized their legacy business of fruit distribution in the Indian Market. For over 60 years, they distributed hand-picked, top-quality local and exotic fruits under the helm of their family name: Upadhyay Fruits that has now run its course. The young generation of company owners felt the need to revamp the whole business model by respectfully relinquishing the old ways and adapting to modern business strategies. Let's follow their journey to comprehend how a local fruit shop is now the country's leading fruit distributor.


The new identity of the company did not lack vision or ambition. Fruta Fresca's ultimate goal was to change its offline fruit distribution business to an online established company. They wanted to build strong customer relationships by providing them highquality fruits at an affordable rate. They needed a larger customer base that would rely on them for premium exotic fruits. Fruta Fresca's vision is to see India embrace and obtain fruits from all corners of the world with convenience and affordability.

Our Branding Strategy:

On the road to development, the paths of TechInfinity and Fruta Fresca crossed. They trusted us with the branding aspect of their business, and we designed their logo, icon, and branding strategy that perpetuates customer conversion rate.

Our recommendation was to brand Fruta Fresca as a Flamboyant, high-end luxurious company, but in a distinctive way that would suggest that the company is also affordable. The key traits that we wanted to infuse were the company's "Legacy", "Exotic Nature", and "Approachable Quality" so that it's unique to the market. Our vision for branding aligned with their goals of retaining the business heritage while making the hand-picked foreign fruits more accessible. With the above-mentioned understanding, we designed a logo and an icon that are Vibrant, Playful, and Handmade. The organic and natural qualities of fruits are translated into the logo through organic shapes and illustrations.

Problems and Solutions:

Since Fruta Fresca is essentially a fruit distribution company that provides us with both local and foreign fruits, the logical question occurred: What particular fruit should be used as the symbol for the logo? The problem was that we cannot use any single fruit for a company that provides all kinds of fruits.

Our solution was to create a wordmark that contains the common elements and properties of the fruit. We used the red and yellow color combination and added the primary leaf pattern as it is easily associated with fruits. The end result was phenomenal and we extended the same techniques to design the icon.


Fruta Fresca is now a leading online fruit business with over 1.5k followers on Instagram and it acquires daily orders from various cities in India. Its branding and marketing helped it get so popular that it even reached celebrities like "Jacqueline Fernandez".

Fruta Fresca is like a vibrant tree that has strong roots of heritage and wisdom. We are glad that Techinfinity helped bore fruit on that promising tree.

From The Client

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