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13 held the realms of being India’s first platform to explore jobs specifically in the wedding industry. Pioneers in establishing a job portal built specifically for wedding industries in India, seemingly bridges the gap between the recruiters and the job seekers across the wedding ecosystem. Encompassed with top-notch features, the portal helps employees, freelancers, and part-time interns to conveniently connect and expand their network with a wide range of recruiters across the country.

The Problem:

Indian wedding industry back in the day relied primarily on word of the mouth or contacts from well-established companies to gather potential clients. The founders Hemant Kale and Mareesha Parikh scrutinized this missing link between the recruiters and the job seekers and brainstormed into establishing

However, to make ends meet, there was a need for a framework that will serve as a medium for the companies and the job seekers to interact with each other. An all-inclusive mechanism that would contain a vast pool of resources that helped businesses and budding professionals to connect efficiently seemed to be the missing key in the Indian wedding sector as a whole.

The Solution:

Taking into consideration the thought process behind the formation of, Techinfinity developed the job portal using WordPress.

The platform was developed in a way that provides a seamless, user-friendly experience while exploring the website. Techinfinity enabled the portal to notch a level up with an array of features that helped the user customize their preferences for finding their desired job roles. The portal provided ease of experience for the users to network extensively with the recruiters across the country. The portal was developed with an SEO-friendly approach, thus helping generate a massive amount of online traffic.

Techinfinity delivered optimal digital marketing solutions to help garner a seemingly huge amount of active users. In addition to that, Techinfinity also helped in consulting social media management strategies to help establish an engaging presence over social media outlets.


By curating a platform that encompassed interactive features to facilitate a smooth connection between the recruiters and the aspirants in the wedding industry, Techinfinity devised a solution that helped in adding essence to the concept envisioned for The highly anticipated website, will be set up for release on 17th September 2021. The portal developed by Techinfinity served as a cornerstone for numerous businesses in the Indian wedding industry. The client was extremely delighted with the holistic experience and sensational outcomes of the efforts taken to develop

Briefing all the things up, Techinfinity effectively helped in delivering exceptional outcomes by developing a state-of-the-art, robust platform for!

From The Client

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